CBD oil FAQ – frequently asked questions and answers

CBD oil FAQ:

Is Herbawax CBD oil a natural product?

Yes, our CBD oil is an all-natural product, made from organic hemp and MCT oil. We do not use any additives or concentrates.

What does your CBD oil contain?

First of all, CBD, or Cannabidiol, extracted from hemp. Our organic hemp is grown in Switzerland. From the hemp extracted CBD is mixed with ecological coconut oil.

How much CBD oil is it appropriate to take?

The bottles we sell have a pipette that is easy to use. Place the drop under the tongue using the pipette. We recommend that you start at a slow pace. The recommended dosage is one drop a day.

What is MCT oil?

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which means that it is fatty acids with a shorter chain length. Simply put, a shorter chain length means that the fat is absorbed and burned faster by the body. When consuming the MCT oil, it will be very quickly absorbed by the body’s organs, which is because the oil will flow directly from the blood to the liver. Longer fatty acids need to go through lymph and then move on to the liver. In the liver, the oil is converted into energy in ketone form, which means that a very small amount of oil will be stored as fat in the body. MCT is found in oils like coconut oil, which is what we use. The oil is tasteless and without color.

Is is CBD oil so-called full spectrum?

Yes! All natural terpenes and cannabinoids are extracted. There are more than 85 known cannabinoides.

Is your oil tested in the laboratory?

Yes, we are testing the oil we sell in an independent lab.

How should I keep the CBD oil?

As with all oils, avoid sunlight. Put the bottle in a bathroom cabinet or the like. Open bottle you can have at room temperature. An opened bottle that is kept dark at room temperature is durable for at least 3 months. For longer storage, store unopened bottles in the refrigerator. We do not recommend freezing the oil. Be careful not to put the bottles so that children or unauthorized persons access them.

Is CBD legal?

Yes, our oil is based entirely on EU approved organic hemp.

Will I get affected by CBD oil?

No, CBD oil gives no inebriation. On the contrary, CBD oil can contribute to a clear mind and an active lifestyle.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

No, or rather, in very small amount. The CBD is extracted from special hemp that has very low levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is also called Dronabinol, but it is exactly the same substance. Our CBD oil contains below 0,2 % THC. It is one of many cannabinoids found naturally in CBD oil – we have no additives in the oil and it only consists of CBD extracted from hemp and coconut oil. As mentioned earlier, the level is so low that it does not give any inebriation at all.

Are you using plants from China or eastern Europe?

No, we use organic plants cultivated in Switzerland. Our growers follow the guidelines for both GACP and HMPC – it guarantees high quality and safe products. For those interested, you can read more about these guidelines here.

Does CBD oil cure diseases?

CBD oil should be seen as a complement to a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. For specific issues regarding disease treatment, we encourage you to contact your doctor.

How does Herbawax CBD oil differ from other similar products on the market?

We have developed the product we were looking for ourselves. When we started looking for CBD oil, we thought it was a pretty snowy jungle online … lots of different strengths and flavors. Slightly fluffy pages and crazy e-commerce. There may well be other good products, but unfortunately there are also a lot of worse variants. So when we did not find what we were looking for, we decided to do thorough research and produce one, in our opinion, optimal product.

If you did not fins the answer you were looking for – send us your question and we will answer promptly.

Our CBD oil

A bottle of Herbawax CBD oil contains:

Total amount of CBD: 535 mg
Volume: 10 ml


Cannabidiol (CBD): 5,35% w/w
Tetrahydracannabidiol (THC): <0,2% w/w

Type of extract: Tincture from certified, organically grown hemp 1:1
Extraction agent: ecological coconut oil (100% MCT)


Protect the bottle from direct sunlight. Store in 15-25 C.


You can but CBD oil in our shop.

Cultivation of hemp for CBD oil

Herbawax CBD oil

For us it is important to be able to offer products that are good both for our customers and the environment. We at Herbawax are proud that our supplier of CBD oil is investing in sustainable agriculture. Here is how they describe their work:

  • Selection process

    Management of selected farmers

  • Sowing

    Selection of planting seeds and fields by using analytical control.

  • Farming

    Sustainable management and cultivation of the fields

  • Harvest

    The fields are harvested.

  • Extraction

    Extraction process on site.

  • Separation

    Separation of plant ingredients.

We use only the finest farmland in Switzerland, which we cultivate conservatively using up-to-date methods.

Our methods are designed to facilitate continuous and differentiated monitoring of our crops’ environmental impact.

The information we gather is incorporated into our knowledge pool and processed so that it steadily improves the life cycle of our products.

In addition to analyzing the key environmental impacts and sustainability features, we install monitoring systems in the laboratories that make our products. These provide, among other things, indicators for the key issues of soil fertility, heavy metals contamination and pesticides.

We extract raw materials unaggressively and without harming the environment. We are capable of dealing with different production systems and varied conditions depending on the location. We supply our customers with products and raw materials of the highest quality.